Monday, January 25, 2010.

RM 250

Princess Diary - RM250

Cute cute Cinderella suddenly become surrounded by beautiful and elegant princess Peoples, do not envy her, have a Princess Diaries camera, you can achieve your dream of a princess. Hold it, no matter present at any occasion, no one would bring the attention put into your body, fashion parties, and friends, picnic, walk in the street indiscriminately shot ... ... you will become the focus of the crowd and become unique princess . Three-dimensional peach pink hearts with a pair of white wings, as is to give our hearts to plant a flying wings, so that loading the hearts of dreams riding on that white wings soaring to the yearning for freedom of the sky. Heart-shaped frame and exquisite albums can be hidden under your secrets or paste your feelings, that he missed that moment moving picture, that moment's story, written down shoot down Tibet, it is your favorite soul diary.

The Princess Diaries is not just a camera, but also a stylish personalized jewelry, whether it is holding in your hand or take pictures hanging on the body or carry-on bags are your unique expression. The details reflect the elegant temperament, with this camera in the body, how can it not become an elegant princess!

A. Fuselage uses imports of soft material, waterproof, drop resistance, non-slip.

B. The camera as a whole and adorable chic, color, bright and elegant.

C. Pink heart-shaped lens cap with white wings, full of Aura and romantic in mood.

D. Heart-shaped insert placed within the lens cover personal photos or emoticons, PCCW your beauty, store your secret.

E. Pink bead camera chain, workmanship exquisite novel, gentle color, with white angel wings complement each other.

F. Camera back cover heart-shaped flowers, design, break through the camera design style, colors, full of fresh flavor.

G. Packaging texture and gorgeous, multi-language instructions, the operation icon shows that the quality exceptional.

H. Comes with exquisite album, built-in pieces of lomo classics available for appreciation of the exquisite diary you can paste your favorite photos, but also writing mood diary to record bit by bit the beautiful moments.

I. Built-in flash (using a 7 cell), so that whenever and wherever you are, can arbitrarily distribute your imagination and creativity.

J. framing broad range shooting vision easy.

K. Conventional photographic techniques, simple and convenient.

L. You can use any type of 135 film (black and white, color; negative, reversal film), can be washed or traditional photo film scanner (ie, negative scanning directly to a computer).

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